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I am not an elite athlete, just a basic weekend warrior type that works too much and doesn’t make enough time stretch and work out as much as I should. I have chroinic pain in my lower back which causes (I think) tightness in my glutes and legs. I have gone to many other chiros, massage therapists, acupuncturists, etc…. but I recently had a MAT session with Diane Villar. Along with some deep tissue and percussion (AWESOME!!!) Diane worked her MAT magic and relieved a lot of the pain and tightness. I will be returning for addition tune-ups to manage my pain.

Art Villar


Dr. Bloch provided our team with superb chiropractic care during our Olympic journey. She was always there with a positive caring attitude keeping our team healthy and performing at the highest level. I can honestly say that I have been adjusted by hundreds of chiropractors through the years and Karen – even as a young doctor would rate among the best in all of her adjusting skills. She is truly world class!  

Dr. Terry Schroeder, D.C.
USA Olympic Water Polo Coach 2008, 2012


Erika Figge has done wonders for my athletic conditioning this year. She has strengthened my core and legs for my running, and I set a PR in my A race this year. 

Pete Bagoye


For decades I searched for solutions to chronic back, shoulder and neck pain, constant misalignment issues, and muscle weakness. I finally found MAT. After the first treatment I knew that something good had happened. After a few treatments the pain disappeared and my chiropractic adjustments began to hold longer than just a few minutes. I felt my body moving differently, with more stability and balance. MAT is amazing. Diane is terrific. I hope you try it!

Nancy Diven


I’ve had many athletic trainers, but Dr. Bloch is by far the best one. Not only does she care about your body and knows exactly what to do when you’re injured, she cares about you as a person. I consider her one of the best, and will go to her if I ever need anything major! 

Jolene Anderson 
University of Wisconsin-Madison-Graduate, Pro-basketball in Europe