Joni Ball


Joni Ball is a board certified, licensed RN, APRN, CNM, MSN with 30 years experience in the medical field. Integrative, holistic care is her trademark and she started her journey in alternative care at age 13 when she learned Transcendental Meditation and studied Ayurvedic Medicine. Her passion for holistic healing has inspired her to study every aspect of health including nutrition, mind/body techniques, energy medicine, applied kinesiology, scanning for infections, emotional release techniques, functional endocrinology, environmental health and more.

Joni has worked in private practice, public health, emergency room care, intensive care, labor & delivery, teen clinics, on a sailboat and about anywhere she could practice healthcare. She has been a clinic manager, managed a pregnancy risk reduction program and created and managed quality assurance programs. She is founder & owner of Transformational Healthcare: healing for body, mind, emotions & spirit.

She grew up in Boise, Idaho skiing and playing sports and is an athlete at heart, with past experience as a Division I tennis player. Her first experience as a Californian came after high school graduation when she attended Stanford University. She is happy to be back in California and working at Bloch Wellness and Sports Medicine as a Holistic Nurse Practitioner.


Well Exams Hypothyroid
Viral, Bacterial and Parasitic Infections Hashimoto’s and Autoimmune
Infections & Toxicity Foggy Thinking
Hormone Imbalances Gut & Digestive Issues
Bio-identical Hormones Acid reflux (GERD), IBS, Crohn’s
Anxiety & Depression Fatigue
Nutrition Insomnia
Skin Rash Irritability
Stress Relief Labs & Diagnostics


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