Diane Villar


Diane M. Villar, MAT, BS.  Diane Marie Villar is currently the only certified Master Muscle Activation Technique specialist in Long Beach. Her passion for understanding muscle function in everyday life began when she was a competitive body builder. She competed for 15 years and won numerous state and national titles all while attaining her Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Colorado – Boulder. She then obtained her license as a Physical Therapy Assistant (PTA) from Colorado and Kansas.

During Diane’s years as a PTA, she fought and conquered a battle against cancer with her trademark mental and physical tenacity. Her passion for understanding the body along with her own physiological experiences is what motivated her to continue to help both athletes and non athletes alike regain their strength through rehab. Her career as a PTA and bodybuilder lead her to the discovery of Muscle Activation Techniques. These techniques are specifically designed to facilitate/improve muscle performance in order to live a pain free life, without imbalances that wear our body down.

Diane’s goal is to improve her patient’s mobility and everyday life by using Muscle Activation Techniques. Her passion for understanding muscle function and its relevance in everyday life, has led her to continue exploring the latest cutting-edge innovations and certifications in Muscle Activation techniques by interning with the Prescriptive Level (Rx Level) of MAT for hand and foot modalities. This internship is by invitation only and requires a test to become certified.

As a Muscular dysfunction specialist, a competitive athlete and a physical therapy assistant, Diane has worked to improve the life of athletes and non-athletes alike.


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