What is Muscle Activation Techniques?

Muscle Activation Techniques (M.A.T.) is a very specific, non-medical method for assessing, maintaining, and improving muscular efficiency in the body. M.A.T. uses the basic components of muscle physiology and biomechanics to identify restrictions in motion and joint instability relating to muscle tightness and weakness. M.A.T. prepares the body for all types of activities and compliments modalities such as chiropractic and physical therapy.

What Makes M.A.T. Unique?

M.A.T. does not diagnosis or treat pathology, but works to improve a muscle’s contractile capabilities and the resulting Range of Motion and strength of that muscle/limb. By improving these aspects, a person will see an increased ability for exercise and physical performance. M.A.T. tries to activate the muscle so your body is better prepared to handle the forces that come from exercise and everyday activities. The Goal of M.A.T. is to address the instabilities before an injury occurs.

What are the Options for Treatment?

One approach for improving a muscle’s contractile capabilities involves a light contraction by the client in a very specific position, with a specific direction of force. The M.A.T. specialist provides a barrier to motion (isometric contraction) created by the client. We recommend you do the exercises 2-3x/day for 2 weeks to restore the connection of a weakened/unstable muscle. This will vary from person to person.
A Second approach is direct palpation to the muscle’s attachment points, where specific sensory receptors are located. These receptors, when stimulated properly activate the muscle’s ability to contract (similar to jumpstarting the battery in your car).

Diane has been a highly regarded fitness and physical Therapy professional for over 25 years. After conquering Hodgkin’s Disease in 1980, Diane graduated from the University of Colorado – Boulder with a B.S. in Human Performance. She continued to pursue the many aspects Of health and healing for an improved understanding of The body. Besides being a Master M.A.T. specialist, Diane is also a licensed Physical Therapy Assistant, and a state and national athlete, who ran her own training and post-rehab studio in Cherry Creek, CO

Education and Certifications:
State and National Bodybuilding Champion – 1981-1993
University of Colorado – Boulder, B.S in Human Performance, 1983
Licensed Physical Therapy Assistant – 1993
Certified Muscle Activation Techniques Specialist – 2003
Certified Master Muscle Activation Techniques Specialist – 2015

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