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   Press-Telegram 2017 Reader’s Choice Award Winners for Best Chiropractor and Medical Spa in Long Beach   

  Los Angeles Magazine’s Top Chiropractor’s for 2018
Dr. Karen Bloch & Dr. Rochelle Neally   

   MARINA PACIFICA    6324 E. PACIFIC COAST HWY. SUITE C • LONG BEACH, CA 90803   562-493-5600

   SIGNAL HILL    2401 E WILLOW ST •  SIGNAL HILL, CA 90755   562-988-9097



Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

  • Complete oxygen saturation
  • Accelerate recovery from injuries
  • Helps with bone regeneration

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Infrared Sauna

  • Remove toxins at the cellular level
  • Eases chronic pain
  • Decreases blood pressure

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  • Decreases stress level
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Burns up to 800 calories per treatment

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  • Stimulates energy within the body
  • Improves the overall immune systems
  • Treats existing illnesses and injuries

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  • Increases blood and lymph circulation
  • Normalization of the soft tissue
  • Releases nerves and connective tissue

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Nurse Practitioner

  • Alternative healing therapies
  • Balance adrenals and heal the gut 
  • Help with autoimmune and infections

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Chiropractic care and massage during pregnancy has shown to be effective in reducing lower back pain, pelvic pain, pubic pain, and sciatica.


Starting a constructive healthy approach at an early age can help prevent future disease and injury.

Complete Koncepts, co-owned with Erika Figge, has established themselves in the USA Water Polo and Southern California community. We offer clinics, training sessions, and functional evaluations. Our goal is to provide evaluations and specific training that is essential for our patients, whether they are weekend warriors or Olympic athletes. We reach out to athletes of all ages and patients of all kinds of health, wellness, injury prevention and sports performance. We offer a unique approach to personal training with sports, work, and active daily living specific needs.

We are dedicated to helping elite athletes, weekend warriors, and life warriors recovering from chronic pain and injury feel their best. Get the care you need and start loving life again.

Why Bloch Chiropractic?


As a comprehensive wellness center, our focus is to provide each patient with all the preventative and restorative life-long health solutions needed so their body can respond and perform as it was designed.

We evaluate each patient’s needs based on a number of factors, including performance, injury prevention, longevity and quality of life.This whole-body approach allows us to create individual treatment plans with a variety of techniques to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being of our patients.

Our innovative treatments and approach ensure that our patients receive the most up-to-date techniques and services available, all while under one roof. We offer a continuum of pure healthcare solutions that ultimately lead to a healthier way of life. We find that when patients become interested in one aspect of a healthier lifestyle, it naturally leads to other areas of their life. Our goal is to keep our patients functioning at their highest level.

Our History